“World’s Largest Saltwater fly fishing tournament”

A grass root saltwater fly only tournament in Tampa, Florida. Based on two man teams.

Low barrier to entry and open to fly anglers of all skill level. The idea is to engage and grow the sport of saltwater fly fishing.

The tournament was started via Facebook in 2011 and has sold out every year since.

The first annual Salty fly resulted in the largest fly tournament in Florida at 45 boats with many on the waiting list.

Now now with  2016 event with over 100 two man teams and still many on the waiting list.

The Salty Fly Tournament is the largest Saltwater Fly fishing tournament the world.

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Winners of the Salty Fly 2016 March 11-13


1st Place : Face Down Ass Up  :  Christopher Hargiss    and Jon Brett 71

2nd Place : Bohemian Fly  :   Kapers Murph  and  Jasmin Cruz 64.25

3rd Place: Talespin  :  Benjamin Kurth  and  Brendan Oxnard 61.25


4th tie Hardcore Flytying  : Dustin Pack  and   Bryan Chalmers

4th tie Hell’s Bay II  :  Brian Hall  and  Chris Dierlan


Cheeky Spot Calcutta: CA Richard son of Team Hell’s Bay Boatworks


Nautilus Snook Calcutta: HouseMaster Home Inspections : Chuck Starrett  and Nate Austin 29.375

G.Loomis Poling and casting contest:

casting the NRX 8wt


Pro division goes to David Chouinard and Colby Hane winning by 1 second better time than Nick Angelo and Greg Peterson

winner of pair of 1 piece 11wt NRX


Non Pro Court Douthit and Chris Homer

Winner of the pair of Cross Current GLX


G.Loomis accuracy contest: Nick Angelo

Yeti Ramblers



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